Wednesday, May 31

X-Men: Last Stand Non-Spoilerly Review

I was so excited to see the movie and after watching it, I still liked it. It is good but not great. Indeed being the movie with a shorter length than the last two, it does feel bit packed in. Not rushed, just stuffed. Even in the quiet moments, they don't say what they should be saying. Brian Singer's absence is felt, but Brett Ratner did have an ambitious try. There are alot of shocking and at times disappointing moments. All the elements of a hit, it just doesn't get it. Strangely it does live up to expectations (especially the rampage of the Phoenix saga), it does indeed finalize the 'trilogy'.

I do want more movies team-wise (we do have Wolverine spin-off and Magento prequel), 'the next generation' is set up but it feels there is not enough of the 'old generation' to support them. The X-Men comic books do offer lots of fodder for more than nine Star Trek movies. These three X-Men movies offer a different brand X-men, without extraterrestials, other dimensions, variety of flying X-Men and step-children from the future and instead turns in things that never occured in the comic books. It sort of grounds our favorite characters in a more topical reality with mortal limits and sums up the series.

Inviso-text for Minor-Spoilers:
One statement from one of the producers that it would be stupid to start off and end the movie with Dark Phoenix but it pretty much does.

Inviso-text for Major-Spoilers:
The death tolls includes Scott Summers, Charles Xavier, Phoenix and a couple of the Brotherhood. The secret scene after the credits is Xavier seemingly coming back alive in a comatose man and found by Moira.