Sunday, May 21

Tribute to the Departed: Gemini

Gemini Tyler
November 29, 1997 - May 20, 2006

Gemini was a unique looking dog, friendly to all. She was the daughter of my best friend dog Nala who passed away five years ago. Gemini was my Neice Melinda's dog and also loyal friend to my sister Sylvia. Gemini was always happy among people and always wagging her curly tail. She was nine years old, she passed away from a seizure, she had a quiet death. She will be dearly missed, many tears were shed by many of the family. Gemini was buried next to her mother's grave in the Conde backyard. Gemini had four litters, first with two puppies, second with one, third with six and last with five. Gemini loved to sleep and follow people around.

Gemini was her own free spirit. She wanted to be independent and she very much was. She wasn't above protecting the ones she love. She was very lethal with her teeth as well. She loved to play like she was biting someone and loved to have her tummy rubbed. May she rest in much needed peace.