Sunday, May 14

That 70's Show A Look WAY Back

Back Then: 8/23/1998
It started in the summer, a rarity for a show. I don't think FOX suspected it would be such a hit. The episodes were even shot out of order. The first season was really great, too bad the episodes dont have creator commentary on the DVD for the first season. What great eps were when Eric finds a new friend and he turns out to be gay. And the Star Wars ep is definately up there and made Eric look less like a whim. I really do love the reruns, they are truly awesome. Don't you notice Fez in the first season was more intutitive than the others but later become a nerd. Eric's sister was not added to the cast until the second season and once she quit, another actress was put in and then disappeared.

Now then: 5/18/2006
Josh Meyers (Formerly from MADTV and younger brother of SNL's Seth Meyers) was added for the eight season when Topher Grace but the show started going down hill pretty much when Donna and Eric came back from California confessing their love for each other, Donna went to Catholic school and Eric proposed. That was good but then the characters started getting dressed more like children and acting more so. Kelso became more a caricature than before (even though he got a daughter and shagged almost everyone's sisters), Fez became more a closet case, Hyde got whipped, no wonder Topher and Asthon left. Topher asked for more money in the seventh season and got it but enough was enough. The show should have just ended when Eric left. They have been stuck in the year 79 for three years. They were in 11th grade for two years and 12th for three. Yikes. AND they never moved anywhere... Eric and Donna never got married, never moved away (which Kitty freaked out alot about), and Hyde never moved in with his father. Lordy. It promised to change but never did. Me Me became We We We.

The eight season did bring back Fez's crazy ex Caroline, Mary Tyler Moore, and matched Jackie with Fez. I really was hoping for Jackie and Hyde. Too bad. The finale promises to bring back Asthon and Topher and promises to end Eric and Donna's saga.

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