Wednesday, May 24

Everwood A Look Back

First Air Date: September 16, 2002
Firstly with all the boo-hah about it, I thought it would a load of crap family show and had a lot of critical praise. The plot---a dead beat 'top doctor' father decides to move his teenage son and daughter to a small mountain town from New York after his wife dies in a car accident. The teenage son Ephram (Gregory Smith) is a genius pianist resents his father and then falls in love with a chick who has a boyfriend in a coma. I couldn't stand any of the characters, they were a back of stuck-ups. The father was a dorky full-of-it, the son a ungrateful crybaby, the girl he liked a total bitch and her father as a complete a-hole. But soon I warmed up to them. They were clearly flawed characters and the mistakes they made were sure fun to watch. ANd there was plenty of homoerotic fun between Colin (Mike Erwin) and Ephram.

Finale: June 5, 2006
Since then, Ephram inpreganted the babysitter and only his father knew and then he found out when he was auditioning for Juliard. So Ephram is a dead beat dad now. Hannah (Sarah Drew), a character introduced two years ago reminds me much of my first girlfriend, the overreacting bookworm church girl, falls in love ofcourse with the wrong guy--Bright (Chris Pratt) and ofcourse he cheats on her, albeit a year later. Recently, Ephram met his grandfather who surprise, surprise his father has problems with him too. The grandfather brilliantly played by Charles Durning.

Recently, Bright and Ephram's roommate Reid (hottie Justin Baldoni) surprisingly attempts suicide by taking overdose of pills and let water steam throughout closed bathroom after he is kicked out of medical school. He was known of a well-adjusted, happy and heavly excersing guy. For several episodes, the kdis thought he was gay which led on and WB kept doing promos about Amy being into a gay guy and it even wasn't about the episode! They showed his hot torso for a minute or so and the actor said he was self-conscious about it.

Anyway, it was a good show and yes, I was getting tired of Scott Wolf's dimples. I wouldn't be surprised if he made a cameo on Lost.