Saturday, May 6

The West Wing A Look Back

First Season: 9/22/1999
I do admit I did watch a couple episodes but much like a MAD TV parody, you found yourself following people around and around as they walked through a hallway. As the show makes you feel smarter by watching it, it also had a prestige feeling, that you just had to watch it. Allison Janney would tell John Stewart on the Daily Show that officials had problems telling the difference from reality and make-believe as well asking her for advice.

Last Episode: 5/14/2006
Different president, lower ratings, how quickly a show has lost its zing, people forget about it and so its canceled. Ironic as Christopher Masterson from Malcolm in the Middle and his brother and girlfriend's show That 70's Show ending as Jane Kaczmarek is married with Bradley Whitford who plays Josh Lyman on the West Wing.

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