Wednesday, May 31

Nature serves more on the evolutionary chain

A two month Shanghai was born with a fully-formed third arm. When I first heard of that they wanted to give him surgery, I was like 'let him keep his third arm!' But then on further reading, neither of his two left arms are fully functional (but it seems logistically they wouldn't be able to) and has only one kidney. He has alot of problems that has to be attended, god bless him. I hope he survives. So children with extra limbs have been born before and of course they have been removed, but in those cases, it was more or less obvious which appenge was the most workable. In other words, they could tell which one was the 'good' one and the 'useless' one. But in this case, it is difficult to tell.

I think differences are highly respectable. Lots of people are borned with sixth fingers and they are removed, imagine with they were kept? They would be much more people with sixth fingers--like left-handers. Even that is very taboo, not unheard of but not talked about. The left handed revoluntion. Yes, I know that is a pretty radical idea (six fingers thing) but it interesting to ponder.