Saturday, May 6

Will and Grace A look Back

First Episode: 9/21/1998
I was very exicted when I heard this show was coming out. One of the first popular show including gay characters. Many say it has gay humor, other people wouldn't understand but I knowing them, they aren't that hard to get. The things I couldn't believe they got away with was they 'aww no they didn't' moments but where when they would show Jack getting up with a short Asian man and his grandpa. We never seen gay men taking care of their elders. Rarely did we see gay people doing anything, so where there was an opportunity, this show did it. But to the core characters, I was never happy with how whiny Grace was or how incomplete she was. As for Will, the creators said they gave him more flaws because they couldn't have a characters wilth no problems at all. But I like the well-adjusted Will better.

Last Episode: 5/18/2006
Eight years later, Jack and Grace have gotten married to the opposite sex, Jack found out he had a kid, Grace is pregnant and Will has stayed the same. He had a mildly interesting boyfriend for a while but that was just too little too late. The show just went down hill and jumped many sharks, this puppy should be put to rest. Recently, Jack got a talk show on a fantasy gay network and constantly hits on his cute assistants. Going beyond reality, Jack would have been slapped with a lawsuit long ago. Revealing how things really wnt down between the two lead characters in the past just shattered my vision of how it was. It would have just been better they kept it under wraps--how Grace found out Will was gay and him having his first experience with a woman wasn't Grace. NBC has made this finale a big deal and is releasing the DVD of the final episode the week after it airs, just like they did with Friends.

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