Thursday, May 18

Queers Away!

A month ago, I was looking up African-American superheroes in comic books and there were very unknown, some ugly racism in the early 30's to strong heroes in the 80's and tokens ofcourse. Now looking up gay superheroes, much like in film they aluded to. There is actually word that some writers actually meant some characters to be gay but unfortunately their editors were against it. In the case of Mystique and Destiny in X-Men, Marvel had a rule that no characters could be gay.

Mystique and Destiny
This about them but unfortunately the article screwers to unpopular notion that Mystique was really a man. Rogue, in fact, was to be their biological daughter, Mystique as the father. Destiny, mostly used in the Brotherhood storyline including Mystique, many fans consider her as gay character.

The most popular gay X-men is Northstar
Sadly, once he was revealed to be gay, they then said he was a 'fairy' and had pointy ears. And changed his AIDS storyline to a fairy disease. Well, I guess if they bigotisize the black characters, they decide to do the same injustice to gay people.

The most ambitious of comic book characters is the Stormwatch characters the Living Lighting) like the Ultimate X-men version of Collossus who habe been linked to Northstar and looking at Wolverine in the shower.