Sunday, May 14

Alias A look back

Back Then: September 30, 2001
The plot was simple. A college spy girl. J.J. Abhrams, known only from Felicity, surprised everybody with a complex web about a woman being in an agency that is actually the bad guys and her father is actually a double agent and she is too and her partner doesn't know about this. Her best friend in her house doesn't know she is a spy and one of her friends that had a crush on her is investagating on her. That is not the most complex part, I omitted the Rambaldi. Ah, the famous Rambaldi. Then it was revealed that her mom was a spy too and a bad one at that...

Now: Two-hour series finale 5/22/2006
Since then, she has found out that she has an Argentinean half-sister who was raised by one guy she didn't really like, the former runner of SD-6. Her love (Vartan) got married, divorced and died and Sydney ended up pregnant. The show was pretty great, it had to be complex and deep in myth to make up for Sydney dressing up sexy and pretending she can speak certain languages everytime like a cycle. That did get tiring and was the only thing people will point out. But I think its time to end it. 5 years, everything they have done, thats good enough. I mean, honestly, she even had two 'Dawns.' Her sister and a trainee. Buffy it is not (sans the vampire ep) and got more Emmy attention but it is defiantely its own creature. Now that J.J. offers is what we expect.. Lost is a definite hit. Sorry we can't say the same for Wah-Wah fest What About Brian. Yes, exactly, you may be asking yourself what is What About Brian?

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