Tuesday, May 23

Charmed Series Finale: The Best

It was pretty good episode, continuation from the last ep, after the Charmed Ones and the other two sisters both used the Hollow, Phoebe and Paige end up dead. Piper and Leo (who the Angel of Destiny gives back to her) use Coop's ring to go back to the past to her sisters but end up picking up her mom from before Phoebe was born (1976) and grams from when she was raising the three.
Without spoiling any more, the ep generating much of the Charmed folklore and keeping most of the history correct with hiralous results (their mother realizes she divorced her husband, had an affair with her whitelighter, had Paige and died in bacially one instant). It was very clear and very heartwarming. The ending, ends as a commulasion of years. And Adult Wyatt (Wes Ramsey) sure is hot with shorter hair. Is it me or did Wyatt act like the little brother?