Sunday, May 28

El Residente Calle 13

When I first saw a music video of Calle 13 (13 street), I thought that was his stage name. It is actually the name of the group... a duo... two brothers. The cute guy rapping in the majority of the video calls himself 'El Residente Calle 13.' If you haven't figured it out, they are a Spanish rap group, not really Reggaeton, not really just rap, and not to be simply called Hip-Hop. I thought they were Cuban but they are ofcourse Putero Rico. Apparently his brother calls himself el visitante ('the visitor').

Their latest song 'Suave' is to premiere Monday and Tuesday every hour on Mun2.

El Residente's real name is René Pérez and he kinda looks like MADTV's Ike Brainholtz. El Residente ('the resident') got more popularity by teaming up with whats this guys name?... Don Omar? no, the uglier one, if thats ever possible... Voltio. Yeah him. And is it wrong I found El Resident sexy as a priest in the Chulin Culin Cunflai (sp) video? Yes, Yes, I know El Residente has a wierd pattern on his head.