Wednesday, May 3

Transformers Universe

We know about Star Wars fans, Star Trek.... Spider-man... Buffy... but Transformers? I had no idea. Out of all the 80's shows, it is to the most commonly liked out of non-fan people. Steven Speilberg will be coming out with a movie featuring Shia LaBeouf the go-to-goofy sidekick guy but what I didn't know was how big the fandom was and how much debate there is between things. According to my mom, this is the first television show I ever lied my eyes on when she placed my carseat in front of the television. Some didn't like Beast Wars, I loved it, it was real deep and good.
The comics are followed as well and the difference between the Japanese series and American are clarified.

Some series that were not brought to the United States were even dubbed in English in Hong Kong.
The movie--which I didn't understand why Optimus Prime died and completely don't remember that curse word when I first saw it.
The whole debate of female Transformers and why they are in existence.
It happens to be the toy I had since childhood was a mold of a female toy--minerva.