Sunday, May 21

Unknown Hotties of the Week 5/22

James Roday
This thirty-year old actor is the star of USA Network's new original series Psych about a dectetive pretending to be psychic. Unfortuantely his only claim of 'fame' was ReplaKate about making a sexy lady clone.

Ramon Rodriguez
He was on FX's Rescue Me (which the new season starts this week) where he was abused by a priest and was trying to protect his little brother who might suffer the same. His character commited suicide. He is actually one of those basketball performance dancers. Check out his site.

Chris Egan
This Australian (I'm not twink-freak, I swear! He is of age.. now) beauty was in Empire but now is Hannah's rebound guy on Everwood after Bright cheated on her (ep airs monday night). He plays a college guy I swear.