Wednesday, May 24

Evangelion Live-Action Movie: New to me

Well this might be old news but this is new to me that ADV Films is planning a North-American Live-Action film on Neon Genesis Evangelion. ADV Films claims there will try to make it as accurate as possible like LOTR supposedly. Weta Workshop had been working on sketches and such but I am not sure if they have been hired or not. Fans were very upset when American names were used for the characters. And most likely, they will use Caucasian actors. Fans and I believe they should would Japanese people or atleast Asian-Americans. When the Live-action Pretty Solider Sailor Moon Tokusatsu came out in 2004, I showed a friend and she said it was wrong and they should of used a white people and I was like what??!!! It's Japanese, ofcourse the actors were going to be Japanese. The only excusable character to use an European is Aska (she's German and 1/4 Japanese).
Anyway I enjoy watching the repeats on Adult Swim (Weeknights at 1am). I enjoy the early 90's-sounding opening theme. And I don't care but the finale of The End of Evangelion was kick butt. Here is a fan page on the live-action project. The Robin Williams-connection scares me. Apparently the Eva toy appearing in his movie One Hour Photo was at his part--he is a fan. I'd accept him as the noises of Pen-Pen the penguin. Not talking, noises.