Thursday, November 2

311's Nick Hexum

Surprise to my surprise 90's band '311' is still aorund. Good for them, Sugar Ray quit and they haven't given up. Here are some pictures of Nick Hexum.

Nick was once engaged to Nicole Scherzinger, the lead singer of the The Pussycat Dolls. In 2002, 311 had a hit single "Amber", which was written for Nicole (She makes a brief appearance in the music video).

He sports brown hair now.

From Chaos was released in late 2001 and debuted at #10 on Billboard. Its first single, "You Wouldn't Believe" featured Shaq abd was all over MTV. The album is also known for its third single, "Amber", mentioned above. Despite 311's success in these years, following the release of From Chaos, 311 made a seemless transistion back into their underground roots, where, as said by the band, they are very happy to be.

Nice behind.

More on him check Wikipedia.