Thursday, October 2

Kenley should have been kicked out!

If Kenley gets out of the 20th century and gets to a computer and sees this, she better not leave a comment. Get over people saying shit about you, until you stop being a bitch! What a child, when she said she didn't like any of the other's designs. She also said she didn't know why people single her out. Yes, I understand that people are edited in reality shows, made to look in a specific way. But you gave them the material to work with! And I was so upset when Kenley was not kicked out. Heidi, even after Kenly backtalked to her, still is interested her. I guess her German upbringing made her skin thick. With Korto, Kenley even had the nerve to say she HAS BEEN THROUGH MORE THAN SHE DID TIMES TEN. Oooooh, if I was Korto, I would slap that bitch silly. Bitch, you grew up in Florida, not Africa during murders and war. Maybe she meant what she went through on the runway but the way I saw it was all together.

And it is confusing when the reunion will be taken place.

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