Thursday, October 23

Palin Rant

I took my friend's advice and watched "The View." She watches it for Whoopie Goldberg but she was sick and was not there yesterday. But Bill O' Reily was there and Joy was on fire. I love Joy. They were talking about how Palin talks about being a regular joe, but she was given a big budget to dress 'up.' Also how she used tax payers' money for trips for her daughter and tried to change it. John Stewart compared one of her red jackets to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" jacket, like if she bought it off eBay. The other day Mr. Stewart got mad at Palin for her referring to liberal lefties as 'fake Americans.' The chicks at the View also mentioned Palin being the 'bulldog' and just attacking Obama but not really saying what she will do as vice-president. My dad said it made sense since her lipstick remark. John also demands to know who she is. We know so little about her, but now we are getting flood of information like "Trooper-Gate," her daughter's baby, the rest of her family, her wardrobe budget, etc.

I just don't want our country to be divided anymore.