Friday, October 10

Kath & Kim Review

I didn't think I would do a review on this show, Kath & Kim started as an Australian show. Now NBC has an American version with Selma Blair and the wonderful Molly Shannon. While the original Kath & Kim, Kath was much older looking than Molly Shannon. The show is not only about a mother and daughter, but two selfish materialistic superficial women. The joke would be that they are dumb and we are smart, but it doesn't end there, Molly and Selma bring an emotional truth to it. With improv comedians, being filmed with one camera is a gimme, you would think you would be tired of it. The series needs more than just that. When I heard Kim wanted a divorce, i thought it would be about a real reason, but it is just a dumb reason. Kim basically is an ignorant spoiled brat. Her new husband Craig (Mikey Day) is your typical young 'dude' but he does seem to be 'smarter' and more idealistic about marriage. In the pilot, the Bodyguard is refrenced and a smart thing was not using the song "I Will Always Love you" and use another Whitney Houston song. John Michael Higgins, a Christopher Guest staple plays Kath's boyfriend/fiance and his character is much more delightful than his past characters.