Tuesday, October 28

Guitar Hero Commercial: No No No

I liked the first three but not the last one. The David Cook/David Archuleta Guitar Hero commercial was strange enough (Mormon boxers on a 17 year-old anyone? cringe factor). But now for this 'Rock Band' competition game from Guitar Hero commercial... they gathered along four athletes and the strangest combo ever. Tony Hawk? A bit played out, but fine, dunno how I feel about the helmet. Alex Rodriguez? Okay, fine, whatever. They didn't make him wear a helmet. Michael Phelps? Awesome! Great! Should have been just him! But awk! What?!! Mr. Raped a teen girl Kobe???! What the frak? I mean, okay, maybe he wasn't guilty but no one wants to see him in underwear, he was in nylon shorts but still.. thinking about the sequence, from Tom Cruise's Risking Business and we got to see Cruise's tighty whities, and that thought with Kobe. Eek. And it was kinda cool that Michael Phelps didn't wear briefs but his siwmmer trunks. Wish we saw more.