Tuesday, October 7

Sex and the City Movie DVD Review

Yes, Yes, I know that the movie is old news and I should have seen the movie when it came out. But I was to see the movie with my ex-boyfriend and we didn't and we broke up and I ended up going to other movies with other friends. And then it was gone and then on DVD, so I rent it (inside joke intended). I expected a over-extended episode, instead got served a long long movie. I love it, it's good, but it does drag a bit. Our girls go through tired-and-true old storylines... getting dumped on the altar, being cheated on and separating, getting pregnant and thinking of cheating, but it is all served up with history and it's our girls! Carrie and Big have been through everything and the movie does speak true to their relationship and both characters, as best as they can. It is a bit predictable movie, but just put around in other orders.

For those who haven't seen it or have forgotten it, here is the basic plot: Carrie and Big pick an apartment to live with each other and plan to get married. Miranda, my favorite character, is cheated on by Steve and she separates from him and moves to another apartment. Samantha is living in California and feeling the pangs of being Smith's agent and barely see each other, with her flying to New York to see her friends and him busy at work. Before the wedding, Miranda is met by Steve and gets distraught and tells Big they are crazy for getting married. It was little but it hit him. She doesn't tell this to Carrie until six months later and starts talking to Carrie, forgive me forgive me, I didn't mean it, just like what Steve told her and doesn't see the similarities. I love Miranda, one of my favorite characters, even though this is a side of her, i don't think the movie shows her in the right light.

Anyhoo, Carrie goes through all the pains after being dumped and after that, gets an assistant, Jennifer Hudson. She is a light in the movie, even though she enters half-way in the movie and only interacts with Carrie, the movie really is about friendship between women. As for the other storylines, After her best friends get dumped, Charolette is a mess when she finds out she is pregnant for the first time and frets the worse. Samantha lusts over a hot guy next door and is tempted to cheat. What guy would make her cheat on hunky blonde blue eye sweetheart Smith who shaved his head when she went into chemo? An European hunk. Well, it doesn't matter, she doesn't cheat, which is great, I was happy that didn't happen. Somethings feel like filler like Charolette fearing jogging when pregnant and Samantha's humpy dog, but they do feel like things from the show. It is good.

There is plenty of Steve and Big, but not much of Henry, Charolette's husband and the gay friends Stanford and Anthony. They kiss on New Year's Eve and it was spoken about a lot but there wasn't ever really much build up to it. People who never seen the show, wouldn't have known they hated each other. Anyhoo, it's not Gays and the City. My 18-year-old niece never saw the show but loved the movie and cried at the end of it. In reality, this movie is the ultimate chick flick, the mother of all chick flicks, what is great great about chick flicks. DVD extras? not much, it would have been nice to have a featurette or something. Commentary? yes, at least! God!