Thursday, October 2

The Vice-President Candidates with Gay Marriage

Bidden says that he and Obama are for same-sex civil unions, he is for rights, medical rights, and etc. Now, he did say he is not for gay marriage because it is up to religions and groups for their definition of 'marriage.' It was a smart thing to say. He said people in love, they should get the same rights if they are homosexual or heterosexual. He did have some trouble saying heterosexual, probably he hasn't said it a lot. That is fine, most heterosexual people don't say it a lot. Palin was very very careful with her words. She said that she has friends that wouldn't agree with her decisions. She did said she was for certain rights, but her wording was beating around the bush. She certainly shows she is like most of America that has to be careful with that they say. She didn't even say the word 'gay' I think. She couldn't say she had a gay friend or gay relative. I had a feeling she had the feeling to say something, that she almost did say she had a gay friend, but she went around it. I got so mad about the feeling around this country that I broke my coat hanger.