Wednesday, October 15

Project Runway: Leanne Won!

I knew Leanne would win and everyone knew, they voted for her. She had the most polished, structured and professional-looking line. I do feel sorry for Korto, if she won, she would have been a married woman with children that would show you can be married and have kids and still win your dreams. And also an African woman. As for Kenley, she fought until the end, always defensive and stubborn, she even said 'bullshit' again. Kenley still has to go a long way. And those ropes on the necks, I understand it is inspired by her father but she could put it on the sleeves or as a belt or something, something that made sense, not the choking effect. She is so petty, that she may even blame Tim for being a judge, after criticizing her line. But I really do think what everyone else does that this season was boring and that the level of work wasn't as high as last year's. Last year was wild, the last three finalists were extremely talented and very polished and high-level. This year's still looks like they need work, even Leanne.