Tuesday, October 28

Greek Cliffhanger?

Tonight's season finale for Greek's season 2/second half of season 1, we were left with a cliffhanger. The frats and sorority are finally turning their pledges to actives. Rusty and his confederate uber-religious roommate said their 'see you laters.' Rusty felt like he had to prove himself to be an active and went to the Omega Chi house to get the paddle he paddled Evan with. Casey wrestled with leaving her new boyfriend Max as he is going to a graduate college in California and she got the opportunity of a lifetime, an internship with a senator in D.C. Frannie made a surprise. She is making her own sorority and the cliffhanger ends with Rebecca's choice: Frannie's sorority or stay. Poor Ashleigh and Casey. We all know her answer. Not much of a cliffhanger.