Wednesday, October 15

Shades of Wondefalls in "Pushing Daisies"

I love 'Pushing Daisies,' it is a great show. I think it really appeals to young dreamers such as myself. Even though it deals with death, it is what Tim Burton did to illuminate our childhood. It is Beetlejuice, Nightmare Before Christmas and Edward Scissorhands for a new generation. Bryan Fisher is the creator and he created the brilliant but canceled 'Wonderfalls' and in this second season of Pushing Daisies, there are some remnants of the show.

First of all, Diana Scarwid is playing Mother Superior Mary Mary since the first episode of this season, she was Karen Tyler, the main character's mother. Also, in the second episode "Circus, Circus," I spotted the trailer/home of the protagonist of Wonderfalls. I think the trailer was reused for circus ringmaster's trailer.

Jaye's Trailer above.
The ringmaster trailer below.
I don't have a good picture of it, only this from the corner.

There is a Wonderfalls/Pushing Daisies crossover coming up, Bryan Fuller says it is up in episode 8, December 4th but the summary doesn't sound to be related:
Ned brings back to life Colonel Likken, who was mysteriously deep fried to death. His world-famous original recipe has gone missing and Likken asks Ned, Emerson, and Chuck to find who stole it.

It is yet to be revealed who from the Wonderfalls cast is coming since the lead of Pushing Daisies Lee Pace played Jaye's brother and her mother Diana already is playing a nun. So most likely we will be getting Miss Jaye herself Caroline Dhavernas. Aintitcoolnews reports that Mary Ann Marie Beetle (Beth Grant) from the episode "Muffin Bufallo" of "Wonderfalls" will appear in this episode. She was into cooking so it makes sense. Beth Grant is best known as the mother of Dabney in "Malcolm in the Middle."