Wednesday, October 8

Project Runway: Kenley Stay, Bye-Bye Jerrell

Sorry Boo-boo. When Tim Gunn went to visit Jerell, it was warm and also I identified a bit with it. He introduced Tim to his sister, 'love interest' (I loved how he put it), and his mother. It looked a bit uncomfortable between Jerell's mother and his love interest, but i think she is okay with it, but perhaps not with the cameras. Some old school moms are like that. It was no surprise his love interest was white, but he seemed to be the only white guy, other than Tim. Korto's family looked so shocked to find a skinny old gay white man in their house. Cultural shock! What a surprise it was down to Korto and Jerell. Jerell's serve-up was garish and un-well-thought-up and Korto's was over-worked. Her entire line looked very plain, it needed more oomph. Leanne's looked beautiful, awesome, and great. She did add color! Kenley's was cute but yes, we have seen it before. Kenley, herself, still hasn't let go stuff after a month or so. She apologizes but she is still a bitch, especially to Korto. I think Jerell is ready emotionally but not professionally, his work needed a tune up, to be edited and refined. Kenley needs to look at professional collections and not copy them. Leanne just needs to get happier. Korto needs more variety in her collection.