Tuesday, September 30

Greek Episode 27 Review

Initial thoughts, more soon.

Good ep! Thinking his friend Evan cheated on Frannie, Calvin did cheat on Michael with Heath. And Heath being emotional and hopeful was refreshing. As he just seems like a background character when not interacting with Calvin. I do like that he doesn't act stereotypical gay with his brothers. I love how the gay characters are complicated. Last week, Michael has been corrupted by Evan for money and hasn't told Calvin. Now Calvin has cheated on Michael.

Cappie jealous of Max was priceless. I never really noticed Cappie never met Max, so now that they did, it was awesome. I also liked the line Cappie said to Dale, "Chip. I knew it was one of them."

They give Lizzie a not-so-awesome but nice makeover. Charisma Carpenter is an excellent presence, in her young age, she brings some gravitas to the show. Yes, her role is very close to her previous roles. But she does she does good and she does it well.