Tuesday, October 7

Gay couple in new FOX Space show

For the topic of male-on-male couple in the new FOX show Virtuality, TV Guide says "Sci-Fi Goes Gay." 'Gay' has always been in 'Sci-Fi.' Come on, Xena and Gabrielle, Willow & Tara, etc. I appreciate their enthusiasm but it makes it sound corny. And the way they describe the characters... 'emotional' Manny and 'more centered' Val. It makes it sound more like the stereotypes expected of masculine and feminine. Anyhoo, the show will start out as a two-hour movie in 2009 about a 10-year mission with 12 passengers. It is true Manny and Val are the 'first gays in space.' Manny is played by Jose Pablo Cantillo and Val is played by Gene Farber. I appreciate the publicity for such a couple but FOX sci-fi shows don't ever last that long. Remember "Firefly"?


UPDATE: The two-hour pilot episode aired as a movie on June 26, 2009 but the show wasn't picked up.