Tuesday, October 7

Kevin in Str8 Kiss in "Brothers and Sisters"

TV Guide reports that on "Brothers and Sisters," sibling Kevin Walker (Matthew Rhys) will be seen kissing his sister-in-law Julia (Sarah Jane Morris). He is now happily married to Scotty. "We're all happy that Matthew got to switch it up," co-star Emily VanCamp has said. At hearing this, I don't think it is a threat to his sexual orientation. It is said that Kevin will be 'on heavy meds' and a hint that leads to the kissing, "It'll have something to do with the sperm Kevin donated last season to help Julia and brother Tommy conceive." I think it would speak true to the situation, whatever it is. Just because a gay guy kisses a woman, it doesn't mean it isn't an honest portrayal of gay people.

TV Guide mentioned GLAAD, in maybe having a problem with this, but I think a more outrage is the cover article with Robert Sean Leonard and Hugh Laurie. The cover says 'Bromantic' (which I believe is more platonic than anything), which is fine, but when asked 'Can this bromance be saved?' Leonard instantly related this with homosexuality, which makes me think he doesn't know what he is talking about. And then after Laurie tries salvaging it, Leonard dares to say the dreaded "Not that there's anything wrong with that." harking the old Seinfeld joke, where yes, they do consider there is something wrong with it. So disappointing some guys still don't get it.