Friday, October 3

The Beauty of the Male Form Part 1

[Shibue Joji above]
Now, I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder and just rating anyone in their underwear is shallow but I don't want to focus on that. Many men (regardless sexual orientation) do not want to concentrate on a man's beauty, they believe that exclusively is reserved for a woman. 'bish┼Źnen,' the concept of beauty in men, is most popular in Japan and refers to males with distinctly feminine features typically exhibited in their pop culture idols. But what I am talking about when talking about the beauty of the male form is nothing to do with feminine features but the male body can also exhibit its forms of beauty. Most women and gay men would agree with me.

Now my blog Caramelitos Varoniles has been touted by a select few from being distinctly different from other 'hot guy' blogs because it displays not only 'beefy guys' in underwear but other forms of handsomeness such as Michael Arden, Jeremy Davies, Brendan Sexton, and Kevin Rankin (above). Whereas this blog has been called grammatically incorrect. I take both as compliments. First up, I will be discussing anatomy.

[Cristiano Ronaldo above]
Many people have asked me what is the first thing I notice in a man. I don't know how to answer them. Because it depends. Sometimes it is their eyes, something its their butt. But one my favorite features in my man's anatomy is their thighs.

[Steve Sandvoss above]
What drives me crazy is those handles below the underwear line. Of course the 'treasure trail,' the bit of hair trailing under the belly button.

[Steven Strait above]
What also drives me crazy is the pecs. When they pop out like that. I also covered nipples on this blog.

[Sebastian Rulli above]
A little hair on the chest is not bad. I am not crazy about too much hair. I like a little bit of facial hair but not beards or scruffiness, I hate when stubble rubs on my skin. I love hair on forearms, and some select places but that's about it. I absolutely must mention that I don't like when guys shave their nether regions. Also, veins are awesome on the forearms and hands. I don't know if a lot of other people are digging that, I have never heard of it discussed.

[Tyler Batchel above)]
I like this photo because it is a contrast between a purse, usually a female staple and a naked man. Let me talk about body type, anorexia in men is a real thing and I am not crazy about really skinny guys. there is a difference between men I think are attractive and men I will date, but I wouldn't be attracted or dating a super skinny guy or super beefy muscular guy. I do like beefy guys but I guess what I am saying is not exaggerated.

[Jamie Jewitt above]
With strength and power, which are agree-upon staples expected in masculinity, I believe there is also a vulernableness and tenderness to comes with that strength. Yes, the picture above has a somewhat stereotypical feminine aspect about it, but I think it also illustrates my point.

[Above, Cody James]
He is a good example of a strong yet vulnerable male body. Every naked body looks vulnerable, but certain naked women look strong, independent and powerful. Here the body is smooth and supple and the thighs are big, like I like them. The hair streaming from the thighs are also sexy.

I like the photo collections from Terra's The Boy, they really challenge what we think about in male beauty, pointing male models in different positions, not common when men are posing. It has been going on for about 4 years and of course has gotten lots of attention. Early porn photos and Playgirl shoots look ridiculous because they didn't know what was sexy and avoided poses that are in The Boy.

More to come when more occurs to me. Next up clothes. Just like women, sometimes men are hotter with their clothes on!