Tuesday, October 14

Campy B-Movie: Tammy and the T-Rex

Some actors have movies they an be ashamed of, like for example George Clooney in The Return of the Killer Tomatoes. Denise Richards and Paul Walker, who are known for bad movies anyway, were in one movie in the 90's that is little known. The movie Tammy and the T-Rex, was about Tammy (Richards) and her boyfriend Micheal (Walker). She was always scarred of her ex Billy and he threatened to kill Michael. One night, he left him with a wild lion and was put in a coma in the hospital. An evil scientist kidnapped Michael even though he wasn't dead and took his brain and put it in the robotic dinosaur body. Yes, pretty corny. But at least the T-Rex didn't talk. It was a pretty long sequence of him trying to explain it to 'valley girl' cheerleader Tammy. The T-Rex effects weren't bad but it did get pretty cartoony... one guy was flatten and one of the villains roll them up. Tammy had a black gay friend named Byron.

Bryon was a unique character, a bit of caricature but his father was the sheriff and had a bit more of substance and wore 'African' design clothes. The only reason Bryon believes Michael is because the T-Rex dusts off his clothes. They try getting Michael's body back, but it is already all moldy and full of rats and they go to a morgue but no go. In the end of the movie, Tammy has his brain in a tub attached to a video camera and he can see her through that and he can talk to her with his voice. She scours through the newspaper looking for recently dead athletic bodies like ski victims for him to have a new host body. What could compel people to make this movie? It didn't even come off as a parody or satire, they were playing this for real. This is one of my favorite B-Movies, not my favorite B-Movie, but a fine example of just a bad twisted movie. People don't believe me when I tell them about this movie.