Saturday, November 1

Vampire Shows Post-Buffy and Angel

I was watching one of my favorite shows "Angel" and thought about how after "Angel" and "Buffy" ended, how there now has been a surge of vampire shows. I am referring to "Blood Ties," "Moonlight" and the new "True Blood." Three shows is not much of a surge but it is really curious. Even though vampire fans have complained about how "Angel" and "Buffy" weren't all about vampires, the two shows really change things for the vampire genre. Great special effects and the shows were higher brow that anything else could muster. "Forever Knight" was great but it is less in the cult totem-pole than the aforementioned shows. "Moonlight" is the only show out of the three that was on a network and it got canceled. "Moonlight" was also produced by David Greenwalt, who spear-headed "Angel." But it had different vampire rules than "Angel" and most vampire lore. "Blood Ties" is on Lifetime and I think it is coming back, but is overall unknown. It has lasted two seasons. "True Blood" is on HBO, recently started and much more dark and sexual and gory than anything. I am not saying these shows came up because of "Angel" and "Buffy," plus that "Angel" ended in 2005. Before "Buffy," there was a long lull of vampire shows, not many, so it is curious to me that they are attractive now. I just hope they push the envelope, I am sure "True Blood" is going to do that. But I don't want them to ruin the lore, play with and use it like the other two shows did.