Tuesday, May 29

Men's Nipples Sexy?

Real World New Orleans' Danny brings to question 'Should Men show Nipples?' on his website www.dannyandpaul.com. In this day and age that men get equally objectified like women were, it seems we see more and more bigger nipples. Of course, big male nipples have always existed but it seems to be in style now.

[Model Cisoto Fotos refers to as "Todd Mitchell"]

Just like how overweight men don't appear in fashion, now we see more of this. I know about gay men but do women find men's nipples sexy? I think there is some lost potential there. If you don't know, some men get aroused when you touch their nipples. Well there is a big difference between Gynecomastia and hot pecs. I personally find pecs hot. And nipples under a shirt can be misleading, make you think they got large pecs but then turns out to be nothing to go crying to your momma about.

Daniel Mucerino's pecs

The notorious 'McNipples' Chris Lowell.

Now, is this taboo or is simply not attractive? Now, they can't just tell male models, shrink your nipples! What the hell is that? It's a nipple people, get used it. Back to if women find it attractive, Danny quote: Do women find male nipples sexy? "It's usually not where I'm looking," admits Robin Adams, one of the founders of Sweet Action, the "porn for girls" magazine that celebrates un-buff, average cute guys.