Wednesday, April 11

Wasn't Birkhead a little too happy?

A joke from the "Showbiz Show with David Spade,' he said oh if the guy that wants the DNA test, then he must be the father and the guy that doesn't, probably isn't." Which I had to disagree with because maybe they had something to hide. I remember seeing Extra or Inside Hollywood, something like that and Howard Stern was there and they called him the real father and he was with the baby Danielynn and he did look caring. Now, we do know he's not the father and he said he would help Larry Birkhead which sounds so sweet. And really shows the power of fatherhood, that men can be caring when it comes to children, lots of idiots think its just a female thing. Hello, some men want to be fathers.

But now that they know this, then there will the custody battle with Anna's mother, who claims that she wants to work with Larry too. Now with the title, Larry would even jump up in the air last week without knowing for sure. He was way too psyched (spelling?) about, could it be about the money? And to the layperson, where has Larry been this whole time? Probably he couldn't be around because Anna Nicole wasn't with him anymore and was with Howard Stern. Now, Larry doesn't look so happy in the picture above. Of course, he is more handsome than Howard Stern but thats beside the point. Well I hope Danielynn the best, poor girl, she has it rough, her mother and brother are dead and has this immense fortune that will attract more negative attention than she might want. The loneliness and the media attention. Well, at leas tshe got Larry now.