Wednesday, April 11

Scrubs' future

Yes I have signed up for another year. Although tales of my new “arrangement” have not been very accurate. Needless to say, I am in and it will happen as long as NBC renews us for another season; which they have yet to do. ABC which actually owns the show (through Touchstone) has said that if NBC doesn’t pick it up, they will for what would be the final season. So, I feel pretty optimistic that it will happen. All the actors and writers want it to happen. So many of you ask me if we have as much fun making the show as it looks.

One of my friends the other day asked if th show was still on. That almost made me cry. And people are more aware of the syndication (Comedy Central runs it around the clock). But if nobody knows its own, then are not watching NBC and not watching my precious '30 Rock,' which has been renewed and its motto 'oh if you're watching 'The Office,' why not stick around?'