Sunday, April 15

Carlos Mencia: 2 digs on Guatemala

I never mention Carlos Mencia because he never upsets me and I understand he does this in fun, making fun of all ethnicities. I personally like his song "Jale me Jale me la," he can always get away with some Spanish slang because American Censors have no ideas what he is saying. What was supposed to be an Arabian song, 'Jale me la' means 'Wack mine,' somewhat like 'Jack me off.' My parents are from Guatemala. And tonight he dug Guatemala twice. I am proud of my heritage. It is so unique. I love tamales, mom cooks them every Christmas. Guatemala is apparently Central America's 'taint.' And he said something about Guatemala not having electricity (they do) or somehting, I don't remember. Doesn't matter, I don't care. It was funny. Only if my family even understood what a taint was. They don't even have a word for masturbation or 'straight' person.