Wednesday, April 18

Thomas Dekkar all growed up

Doesn't that guy who plays Zach, the cheerleader's sexually confused friend Zach on "Heroes" look familiar? Well, he is Thomas Dekkar, who started as the young Nick on "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show." The creator of 'Heroes' meant Zach to be gay and I think that was really brave to have that in an esemble show and unfortunately NBC states he is 'heterosexual.' How medical to describe a teenager's sexuality.

He is a child actor who provided the voice to Fievel in the 'An American Tail' sequels and Littlefoot in some of the many 'Land Before Time' sequels, he made guest spots on 'ER,' 'Seinfeld,' 'Star Trek: Voyager,' and 'The Young and the Restless.' He sung and danced.

One of the shows I recently mentioned that came out on DVD, 'Grosse Pointe,' he play a teenage gay kid who won a contest to meet Al Santos, well his character. Thomas has bravely played gay characters. He is 19 years old and hot.

Before 'Heroes,' he guested on 'House,' family friendly '7th Heaven,' and played John Connor in the pilot for 'The Sarah Connor Chronicles,' the proposed Terminator television spin-off.