Thursday, April 5

30 Rock Review "Fireworks"

The episode was awesome and just as funny, maybe even more funnier if even possible. Will Arnett, my dream came true, played a gay character. Even more, he had a thing for Kevin the page which has a twink factor. Donaghey (Alec Baldwin) tried to use Kevin to find out what his rival was up to. Will Arnett was so funny and sexy, too bad he wasn't shirtless. Jason Sudeikis (new guy from SNL) plays Tina's love interest 'the flower guy' Floyd (ugh, I like him better as 'the flower guy') and he is so hot on the show and I am happy that he and Liz are finally together. They make a cute couple. It is funny how Tina Fey never worked with Alec or Jason before and has such great chemistry with them.