Monday, April 16

Lost Season Three Steals my Heart

Ratings are going down for 'Lost' but I don't care, I am still watching it. Even though it is a slow moving, I like season three very much. It is a creature of its own. I think the reason people have the most trouble with it is that it abandoned what was familiar. I think season three is multi-layered and has its purpose. The problem was the abrupt stop in the middle, have clumps of new episodes. Many forget that season 2 was slow moving too and steep in mythology. Most flashbacks in season 2 led nowhere. (At least we were able to deduce Clare was Jack's sister) I do admit that once you forget about the multitude of questions, it is more enjoyable. The most captivating character is Juliet. Just when you start to like her, you hate her more when you find out more stuff. Even though she is smart, warm... the actress is so great at being nice but also evil, pull you in so you care about her and concealing things. The character, much like any in 'Lost' isn't how she first appears. Juliet's motives are ambiguous at best and keeps you wondering. I think what people don't like the most of season 3 is that the net group was split.

But what people don't like most is Nicky and Paolo. Creators admitted they had more planned for the characters--more playing with our heads (Have us think Nicky really is a stripper in the flashbacks but it was actually the show she was on) but of such panning, they decided to kill them off in one fell swoop. I like the 'Others.' I wanted to know more about them. And I think it was pretty needed and their existence is more mysterious and makes your mind go a tingle. I don't think the show has weakened at all, all that has is our patience. So kudos to finishing off Paolo and Nicky---I don't think we have seen the last of them. Who has been missing in action is that multi-racial couple I forget their name.