Wednesday, April 11

American Idol: You can't kill what is already dead

No, I'm not talking about the 'Zombie Idol' parody from 'Robot Chicken.' People are asking if the new mainstay Sanjaya is killing the show 'American Idol'. I don't think he is. I think the show is already passed their expiration date. The show is in their SIXTH SEASON, I mean how many 'idols' can you find? And nobody that has won, since Kelly Clarkson has been a success in the entertainment industry. I mean, Ruben Studdard was the second to win and Clay Aiken has gotten more attention. As for the six season stuff, yes, I know that Survivor and Amazing Race has had their 18th season or whatever but in the case American Idol, how far can you go? I admit I watched the first season and I liked it but it was like a guilty pleasure. They have the first season now on syndication and it makes me shiver, I can't bare to see it again.

Paula, Randy, Simon and Ryan have to hang up their towels, they actually think they are important and something to say. Paula actually thinks she's a celebrity. The 'Simon are mean' jokes are getting old. Thank god Ryan Seacrest's show got canceled but he is getting as stale as Carson Daly. Okay, I know 'America' loves the show and it gets high ratings. But probably that is because the bad singing auditions at the beginning of the season. They have the judges but it is the fans who vote. So if Sanjaya is still on the show, it's not because of talent, its because of the callers. Also, if you win, doesn't mean how successful or popular you are, because look at those didn't win: Jennifer Hudson (an Oscar!), Chris Daughtry (actually winning respect from Rock radio stations) and that country music singer Carrie Underwood that Faith Hill hates. Also, season one contestant Jim Verraros has found himself his gay niche in movies and records while Justin Guarini (still sporting the same 'do) has TV Guide Channel (not necessarily a good thing). Plus the American Idol contestants don't exactly ave respect from the music industry, as mentioned above with Faith Hill. Justin Timberlake, who got his fame from a boy band formed by aircraft leasing company guy, has been vocal about his distaste of the contestants. So please please, America, make it END!!! Who knows, maybe Sanjaya can find his own William Hung following.