Sunday, April 8

Robin Thicke Eye Candy

You may have heard that song "Wanna Love U Girl." and I have gotten this from a lot of people that they thought the singer was black but nuh-uh.

He is white and he is Alan Thicke's son. He's name is Robin Thicke. He started out as a producer and I think he still is. He wrote and produced for Usher, Christina Aguilera, Marc Anthony, and meant to write a song for Ricky Martin and Madonna and it went to Michael Jackson.

This 'Growing Pains' Alan Thicke.
He is so hot and he is 30 and married. His wife appeared on his cover from A Beautiful World album.

He's frist single was When I Get You Alone where he had long hair. He has said he didn't like the long hair. I kinda liked it.

He went simply as Thicke, now he doesn't. I think it is better that way. He didn't get big commercial success the first time but he so talented and a great singer and I'm sure he will. He is almost accomplished in doing what took Justin Timberlake a long while, to win over black audiences.