Saturday, April 14

Riley Smith Eye Candy

This is actor Riley Smith, at a recent free gas event to promote FOX's new series 'Drive' premiering tomorrow night.

He has been in Disney TV Movie "Motocrossed," Bob Saget's canceled WB sitcom "Raising Dad," "24" as Mr. Virus Kyle Singer in season 3, and Andy in "Joan of Arcadia."

He curiously looks a bit like my last 'Eye Candy' guy Thad Luckinbill.

One of his first projects is his most popular with gay men, "Voodoo Academy."

Here he is in Cuba Gooding Jr.'s Radio.

He played 'Johnny.'

He was also in "Freaks and Geeks," he has been in a lot of stuff like 'CSI: Miami' & the nice idea but bad writing WB experiment 'Birds of Prey', small parts in Bring It On, and Not Another Teen Movie.