Monday, April 9

Joel McHale on 'Thank God You're Here'

There is this new Improv show called 'Thank God You're Here' on NBC that I didn't think it would last that long (I watch it because I know it would be good but would be canceled so it was like a limited engagement) but after seeing it I think it has potential.

They have popular comedians come in with no script to get in a sketch which they no nothing about. On the first one, they had Wayne Mcknight, Bryan Cranston (who was pretty good), Jennifer Coolidge (who is well known for those improv movies but surprisingly out of words) and Joel McHale (above).

Joel McHale is best known for E!'s 'The Soup.' He is also known for the Burger King commercials as that snappy guy that is mean to his other co-workers in the cubicles. He is so cute and handsome. He was great on 'Thank God You're Here' anyway.

They always reviewed each person after their sketch and I don't think they reviewed Joel. Odd. Or did I miss it? Ya'll tell me.