Wednesday, April 11

Daily Show: Another new set, another day

'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart' has changed their set every so often and fans shout their outcry and Jon listens. When 'Colbert Report' started, the Daily Show got a new set. Probably because Stephen Colbert adopted the old set. And as soon as they changed, they got complaints. John called it 'post-modern surrealist neo-existential waiting for Gaduo fake news show and it just felt not of place and not inclusive. Not pretentious but it just didn't fit with the show. But, I did get used to it.

Colbert called the new set 'Mid-period Brockhaw meets Couric-contemporary with a little bit of the U.S.S. Enterprise. On Tuesday's episode, he revealed a new feature--the head of Brian Williams, hilariously enough. Now, it so happens I don't like the new one, its more of the same. They just have to go simple.