Sunday, April 1

Unknown Hotties of the Week 4/1--April's Fools Baseball Special

Baseball season is here and here are some cuties.

Adam Lind
23 year old Outfielder for the Toronto Blue Jays.

He originally is from Indiana and attended the University of South Alabama before being drafted.

Nick Markakis
This smokin beefcake is 23 years old and is another outfielder.

Plays for the Baltimore Orioles.

In 2004, he played for the Greeks Olympic Baseball team.

Bronson Arroyo
Key West native who just turned 30, he has played for the Pittsburgh Pirates and Boston Red Sox.

He now plays for the Cincinnati Reds. He was named after Charles Bronson.

Like much men these days, he fancies himself as a musician. Arroyo taught Kevin Millar how to play guitar and performed vocals for the song Tessie by the Dropkick Murphys.

He is known for his cornrolls which I didn't find a good enough attractive photograph of. I like how he can raise his leg. Look at that, hot.