Saturday, April 14

Chad, the Alltel Guy: Identity Unknown

Looking for who plays "Chad", the Alltel Wireless guy from those commercials and I CAN'T FIND OUT HIS REAL NAME. It is real strange. I did find this promotional MySpace profile where he is in 'character' with videos and so on and even pictures, just wearing a blue shirt. In some of the pictures, he is with real people, who seem to have MySpace profiles as well and they are private. Other people have discovered who the other actors (Cingular, etc.) are in those commercials but not him. Some people have spotted him in other commercials. Now, if you haven't noticed, I have a link to Ben Curtis' official website, he was the 'Dell Dude' in those Dell commercials. I am the webmaster and he is a regular nice funny guy. Well I hope the best for this dude, whoever he is.

He even has his own bobble head.