Sunday, April 1

Best April's Fool Prank Ever

This is what it is currently on Wikipedia and I beleive will change after this:

Adult Swim began running ads beginning on March 25, 2007 advertising the television premiere of the movie the following Sunday, April 1. Their only reasoning behind this stunt, as stated in the ad, was, "[because we're ****ing crazy]". While Adult Swim's TV listings on their website state the movie will be shown, other TV listings are reporting the same Sunday block, making it apparent that it's probably going to be an April Fools prank. Adult Swim has made pranks before in the past couple years including placing fart sounds intercut with anime shows and using VHS fansubs for the first season of Perfect Hair Forever.

So what they did was actually show the regular programming but the movie in a small tiny square, smaller than the Comedy Central logo. They did show about three minutes of the movie and then went to Futurama at 10pm. Also, big 'crawlers' come through the screen with annoying animals, monsters and characters tell you that you are watching the movie. No one believed they would show the actual movie in its entirety and knew something had to be awry if it was going to be on April 1st. I got to admit this is clever and by having those annoying different crawlers. they steal my heart.