Saturday, November 4

Unknown Hotties of the Week 11/6

Pablo Puyol
He's 31 and from Spain.

He was in a nice gay short called En malas compañías pero aqui se llama "Doors Cut Down" part of the compliation Boy Briefs 2.

He played Pedro Salvador in the soap "Un Paso Adelante," in which he sang in. He was in the band "UPA."

Brett Brackett
He is a quarterback for Penn State Nittany Lions, believe it or not he is actually 232 pounds which they count as a hefty Quarterback. He weighs more than me! and I ain't no athlete. But he is 6'6" and I'm 5 inches under than him. He is a Freshman.

His quote: “It feels good. It's a great personal achievement. There's not a lot of guys on that list. It's very prestigious. But I'd trade that for a state championship any day.”

JB Ghuman Jr.
He is 26 and was born in Miami Beach! 5 miles from me...

He was in Starcrossed mentioned before in this post
where he was the other half in an incestincestuous affair.

He has also been on Scrubs, Sledge: The Untold Story mentioned here, and Soccer Dog: European Cup and recently Bickford Shmeckler's Cool Ideas.