Tuesday, November 14

Wilmer Valderama on Bayly

I'm not the biggest fan of Wilmer Valderama (That 70's Show, Yo Momma, Handy Manny) and I don't think it is at all handsome. He was on Jaime Bayly's MegaTV show 'Bayly'. Bayly is a Peruvian who speaks a lot of smack and it is a local Miami show. Wilmer was born in Miami, grew up in Venezuela (his mom's home country) and now lives in Cali. He was on the show to peddle his new movie Fast Food Nation.

Bayly begged him to do 'Fez' and Fez's opinions on Chavez and Castro. Wilmer wasn't that happy at first but then obliged to it. Wilmer's Spanish is really great, I rarely heard his Spanish, I think he should encourage it in other interviews.