Monday, November 13

Unknown Hotties of the Week 11/13

Jakob Bokulich
He has gotten a lot of roles in just underwear like 'the Guy in Speedos' in an ep of Nip/Tuck and 'Man in Briefs' in the upcoming Reno 911: Miami. Characters with no names bascially. He grew up in Santa Cruz, California descedant of Polish and Croatian. Bokulich is former boxing sparring partner of 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist Andre Ward, and attributes his uneven nose to him.

He co-wrote and co-produced Hysteria in which he played the lead, a Croatican solider who becomes a boxer (great way to mix your talents) and has dreams about the Virgin Mary. It was loosely based on his experiences in Croatia during its war with Yugoslavia in the 90's. He has also worked as a set decorator and production manager in other films.

Michael Muhney
Plays Sheriff Don Lamb on Veroncia Mars. He is hot in a straight-laced strict 'you wanna rummage him' sort of way.

He has been on Numb3rs, Charmed, ER, and Without a Trace.

Guest star Lucy Lawless at his right.

James Ferris
He has been in a lot of sucky movies like King of the Lost World, Game Over, and Pirates of Treasure Island.

He has been in at least one ep of CSI: NY.