Wednesday, November 15

Another white Real World Queer

Like all years before, Real World Denver sports yet another gay Caucasian pretty boy. One of the most famous, Danny from Real World New Orleans, whose relationship with former army man Paul was a big deal. Then there was that Chris guy, that cute Simon from Europe, and last year Key West's boring but bigoted one. The best one (Philly) was with the two gay men, one Hispanic (William) and one black (Karamo). I forget what city they were in. What sucks this year is that the only ethnicity of seven are two black men, five whities. The one uncreativeness of, they say this new guy Davis is an ordinary christian frat bro but surprise! surprise! ::Yawn:: If you had to pick from any of the guys from the cast, it is obvious he is the gay one if you have been paying attnetion to other seasons or not. I wish they followed that one season with Karamo, not going to the stereotype and really surprising people. But of course, they are going to repeat themselves. This is season 17 for christ's sake!